Wednesday, July 17th 2019

Balboa @ Mandalay (no official HBX party)
– A venue with a vintage touch, that holds swing dance events every Wednesday since more than 8 years! Located in the area “Sternschanze”, where you will find a lot of bars, cafés and restaurants.

8pm – 1am
DJ: Broonzy (Hamburg) – tba
Address: Neuer Pferdemarkt 13, 20359 Hamburg
Subway station: Sternschanze or Feldstraße
Free admission (with or without Party Pass) & “cocktail + all other drinks” Happy Hour 8pm – 10pm !


Thursday, July 18th 2018

Balboa im Elbeschiff (Balboa in a boat)
– Yes, it’s dancing on a boat on the Elbe river! Enjoy the sunset outside with your friends and aperitivo before you pure bal it out on the dance floor.

7pm – 12am
DJ: Niels (Hamburg)
Free admission (with or without Party Pass), but buy some drinks & tip the DJ!
Address: Övelgönne Hafen, Neumühlen, 22763 Hamburg
Public transport:
Subway station: Landungsbrücken + Public ferry to Övelgönne /
Subway station: Altona + walk or Bus 112 -> Övelgönne


Video: Youtube

Friday, July 19th 2018

Hafenklang, Goldener Salon, live band, harbor view!
– Exactly, the special look of Hamburgs harbor will be right in front of you. A well-known location for concerts of styles from punk, rock, pop, boogie, rockabilly… to jazz. Low fare drinks and a  lounge to relax round it up!

Entry only with Party- or Full Pass (no exceptions!).

7pm – end / 4am
8pm free Balboa Special Taster with Anni & Gasper!  / Intermediate-Adv.
10pm Band: Ragtime United!
DJs: Chris Wild (Berlin) & Johannes Kickhöfen (Hamburg)
Address: Große Elbstraße 84, 22767 Hamburg
Subway station: Reeperbahn



Saturday afternoon, July 20st 2018

Salon D’Éte Balboa Edition TBA
– Dancing outside to our lovely local Swing Band “Brauns’ Chocolate”.

4.30pm – 6.30pm
DJ: Miss Skyla Belle (Hamburg)
Live: Brauns’ Chocolate
Free entrance/outside
Address: Planten un Blomen (Park), Eis Pavillion, Hamburg
Subway station: U2 Messehallen, walk in direction TV tower, then turn right into the park


Saturday evening, July 20st 2018

Balboa in El Abrazo (TBA)
– A beautiful Tango studio in the style of and old industrial production hall. Great floor, sound, and the bar will be run by ourselves and volunteers.
Information for the hungry ones: There will be some kind of food available.

Entry with Party- or Full Pass or buy a ticket at the door.

9pm – end (5am max)
10pm JnJ (dance contest)
9pm – 12am vintage & 2n hand (swing-ish) clothes sale
DJs: Marijke, Chris, late night DJ: Gasper
Address: Beerenweg 1d, 22761 Hamburg
Bus station: Bornkampsweg
S-Bahn: Diebsteich, S-Bahn Bahrenfeld


Sunday, July 21st 2018

Balboa im Sein
– The café of a cultural centro will be our last stop for HBX.
Information for the hungry ones: There will be some kind of food available.

Entry only with Party- or Full Pass (no exceptions!).

6pm – 11pm
DJ: Bloody Mary (Hamburg) & guest set: tba
Address: Hospitalstrasse 107, 22767 Hamburg
Subway station: Holstenstraße / Bus station