Mini Workshop

We want to keep it short. So if you decide to take the Mini Workshop, you will get two  lessons of 2 hours each (w/ short break) and we promise you some fun lessons with new & easy things you can try on the dancefloor immediately.

Teachers 2019: Will be announced soon! Stay tuned!



Teachers 2018:

Johanna & Fran

Johanna and Fran have discovered their love for balboa at about the same time and since then enjoy to share dances together whenever they meet on the dancefloor. Johanna (who is based in Berlin) and Fran (who is based in Edinburgh) have been teaching regularly in their home scenes for several years and have been teaching partners at other local events. They focus on musicality and play with rhythmic patterns to translate the music they hear directly into movements. Get to know these guys and join them in their passion for social dance!

Photos by Stephanie O’Connor, Stefan Müller.

Javi & Lucia 
Javi and Lucía firmly believe in the connection within the couple as a source of inspiration for the creation of the dance.
They both started the balboa scene in Valencia and continue building it up.
What truly makes them a magnificant dance couple is the combination of fine technique, musicality and style.

Photos by Eric Bobrie & (information to come)

The Workshop is located right next to the station Altona (subway 200 meters) where you can also find a big variety of pubs and local shops nearby.
Address: Studio SalsaHH, Hohenesch 13 – 17, 22765 Hamburg

Partner registration is recommended.

Quick audition for everybody who wants to try to go in the higher level: Saturday 1pm – 1:30pm.
Hours both levels: Saturday 1pm – 3:30pm, & Sunday 1:30pm – 3:30pm