Hamburg Balboa Exchange will take place for the third time in 2019. Initiated by Bloody Hot Swing, a local swing dance school.

There will be a variety of activities, the focus of the event is set on the parties though. During the day you can join our social activities including Balboa in the streets to a live Band (Saturday afternoon) or make your own tourist program.

Download your personal HBX Hamburg guide here ! (2017 edition – will be updated soon)

If you wish to save money, don’t hesitate to ask for volunteering (door, others) in exchange for drink tickets.

NEW: Scholarships: You are rather financially poor, but you really want to join the Mini Workshop? Register for the Party Pass and apply for a scholarship during registration. You will still need to pay the Party Pass though.
(registration/application closed)

Tickets are limited, as the locations have limited space. So make sure to book your ticket early enough!
(The event is now sold out for 2019)

Hosting: We will try to host as many dancers as possible, but we cannot promise to host everyone. Alternatively please check out the cheap hostels or fancy hotels in Hamburg.

Mix and Match (dance contest) on Saturday, 10pm
All participants will pay a starters fee of 10€. There will be a nice price for the winning couple.
Pre registration online is recommended to ensure your place! All levels welcome!
(registration closed)

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